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Stirling and Friends Photo Gallery

David Coulthard with Stirling Nicky Grist with Dawn and Stirling Matt Neall with Stirling   Dave Hemingway with Stirling Murray Walker with Stirling
Team Duck Marshals at the Opposite Lock Rally
hang on? there were only two of you on the Richard Burns,
now two weeks later there are four.
"Daddy where do I come from?"
Oh Eck !!!!
the Duck was OK      Stuart Turner with Stirling  
Mick Davey   Boltby Stage  
A wet duck At 2010 Autosport Show Pirelli 2010 the AGM A fringe meeting
Chatsworth 2009
Perez Hirvonen Team Duck Marshals 
A lonely duck in a puddle He gets a boat  Lonely no longer Stirling on the Start Line  Mark Higgins
Slaithwaite Motor Show 2009
David Browns MSC Car Gymkhana 2009
Greystoke Stage, Roger Albert Clark 2009
Assorted Stages